White Magic Spells

What is white magic and why is it white?

Almost all magic is similar at one level and has no color. However, it is obviously seen that different types of magic have unique color.

Different colors of magic have become common in movies, television and video games. It is normally said that colors like red or pink are colors of love magic, green is for money and wealth, black color is based on evil and white is super good.

When people generally talk about white magic, then they refer to the process of healing and helping others. Keeping your spells coded with colors legally and fairly common but sometimes they are not required. An important thing to count is that all magic is magic either positive or negative.

How is white magic helpful?

White magic is based mainly upon three principles that are – good for all, selfless spirits, no manipulation. An easy definition for white magic is – the casting of words for the goodness and of selfless purposes. These spells utilize positive energy and love. White magic is based on the same principles. 

Why is white magic related with the color white? 

Specifically, it comes from a long history of associating white with goodness and black with badness and evil. These common relations come from days of dark nights, dangerous and frightening places. Fear and trepidation is brought with the absence of light. Similarly, with this association red color is with love and green with abundance, many of these color relationships are rooted with the things of nature.

What are the rituals of white magic?

Regular usage objects can be used in white magic spells, coins, candles, and based elements according to the goal you want to achieve. If white magic spells are based upon a love spell ritual then red candles are used, which is a symbol of passion. 

If one desires wealth, then coins or rice are involved in magic spells, hence symbolizing prosperity.

The power of faith is eternal, most of the people who perform white magic spells believe that they will definitely succeed, and that provides them strength to achieve their goals.

Some spells of white magic serve to allure  or bind a person, But those who believe that this will change the feelings of another person are sometimes highly disappointed.

White magic does not aim to alter anyone’s desire and against anyone’s will power. 

Some common white magic spells

Health magic spells

These kinds of spells help to cure someone’s health and ailments. Furthermore, give them overall better health. There is no harm in following rituals of white magic chants.

Love spells

The white magic in attracting someone’s love is according to the choice of candles. Here pink candles are used as elements to allure a person or bind him or her towards you. Similarly, there is no harm in adopting this spell.

Fortune and wealth spells

This white magic oriented spell is based upon the chanting of words with coins and cups. It is common to view that coins are linked with wealth of a person. Therefore, a process of placing coins in cups is followed to attract wealth and good luck to your time.

Defense spells

The spells which are said in order to give protection and cure to someone are called defense spells. These are spiritual spells and are so powerful to offer protection from evil spirits.

Growing spells

With the help of these spells a person can grow in terms of strength, pace, prosperity and health. In short these spells mainly deal with all powers and aspects of life. 

Peace spells: 

To create peaceful situations, these peace spells make you surrounded with peaceful aura. For spreading positivity and good vibes these spells are true one to follow.


All types of magic are in scenarios of performing in something better for someone. Previously, during old times magic had termed as evil but with the passage of time the different forms of magic have been changing. However, if someone is accounting magic and rituals of chanting spells for their control on someone or against their enemies. Then, some good and favorable magic rituals are also in an account of presence for doing good to others. Therefore, this is the contrast between black and white magic chants.

 These good termed white magic of basic categories are in proper count. Clear your mind and satisfy your curiosity regarding good magic here.


Updated: October 4, 2020 — 6:31 pm

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