How to protect yourself with Wiccan Protection Spells?

What are wiccan protection spells?

Wiccan is based upon ancient pagan practices. Many of the beliefs of Wiccan magic are related before Christian times. Indulgence of nature is important for casting Wiccan spells. The spellcasters who practice the Wiccan spells are often referred to as “witches.” This term has been considered from the old, scariest stories of women with black hats and brooms. In the Wiccan’s spell practice, one can do whatever he wishes if these don’t cause any harm.

How to Cast Wiccan Protection Spells?

While casting Wiccan protection spells, it is necessary to ensure that your motives and attention both should be focused entirely on completing the spell. Moreover, also make sure that you are clear-minded. Furthermore, all the items should be collected prior to the casting. This will allow you to cast powerful protection spells. If you are getting interrupted while spell casting this may produce hurdles. Proper attention is mandatory for this.

Different herbs have particular objectives based on their features. They hold protection, promote health or clarity, etc.

What are few common Wiccan Protection Spells?

Wiccan Home Protection Chant

This is a simple protection spell of Wiccan chant to secure your home. You can perform this chant whenever your home needs the promotion of your space safety. What you need as an element here is Nothing! Regarding the casting of this spell, the first step is to Chant these words: “Protect this house from all the darks. Protect all who live here too. Protect this place where we reside, Protect with light which is true.”

The Goddess Protection Spell Chant

The Goddess is the most strong figure in Wiccan logic. This simple chant needs to be repeated while imagining a sparkling, blue type aura around yourself. This spell generates temporary security. Moreover, for casting this spell just Repeat this incantation: “TheGreat Goddess of day and night, Protect us with all of your might.”

The Golden Mist Protection Spell

This spell is used as protection from the negative energy of other people. This is a simple protection spell that will make you feel easy against negative vibes. This protection spirit goes correspondingly with you and saves you from something worse. Moreover, casting this the first step is to visualize that you are amidst an aura of gold mist. And, you must also think this gold shine is eradicating the negativities around you.

Now, repeat this spell chant: “The breath of my life and the light of my brain creates a protective circle and comfort around me. As the purity of air, I breathe I surround myself with an aura of gold. This golden hue is consistently getting purified and separating my space from any negativity”.

A spell chant to Guard the Mind

This spell will offer you protection in your thinking tactics. Anybody who tries to influence your thoughts and your actions will stay away from you. Moreover, no ingredient is required for casting this, you just need to chant spell: “In this place and time, By the angels of the secret night, Take the keys to my heart and close the facade of my mind”

The Moon Goddess Protection Spell

This spell brings protection for you using elements and with moon radiations. Pursue this security spell whenever you feel any danger. What you need for casting this spell is a white candle, small piece of paper, one blue pen, internet connection. Regarding casting this Protection Spell firstly, view your zodiac sign and the planet related to that sign. Moreover, see the names of the moons of that planet. Next, write your signature on one paper’s side.

Furthermore, write the name of the planet on the second side of the paper. Apartly, light the candle. Start chanting the names of moons followed by your name. Chant these names repeatedly. Additionally, while chanting, burn the paper slip with the candle flame. Now, focus on the warmth of the candle beside you. Also, try to become in flow with the hues, warmth, and fragrance of the candle together.


To encapsulate, many of the things need to be in proper view while casting Wiccan protection spells. Primary thing is to follow guidelines while casting protection spell chant and performing this spell activity. Ingredients should be in proper terms of usage. Moreover, you must ensure the replacement of elements is not allowed. Lastly, staying focused throughout the whole casting procedure is also the thing not to be forgotten.

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