Full Moon spells

What called the full moon spells?

Full moon spells are part of white magic. These are performing under the light of the new moon. Similarly, the spell casting during the different phases of the full moon to get the power of positive spirits and energy called as full moon spells. Therefore, chargeable and potent energy phases of new moon help you to make your dreams and wishes true.

The magic experts charge their crystals and stones below the vigorous energy of the new moon. As the full moon has four main phases out of eight to shower its powerful energy on the magical objects, so experts perform their moon spells on that night.

How full moon affects the spell casting and human life?

Generally, we use water for different purposes but the water charged with the potent zest of the crescent moon has magical effects in it. Most of the professionals give free guidance to their customers how they can wield a special colored paper and ink pen to write their dreams or wishes and place under the pillow they use.

At the same time, they have to sleep under the formidable zeal of moon. Additionally, the magical full moon filled with positive zest changes your dreams into reality very soon. You can chant the rituals of the full moon spells under the glorious light of the new moon as given by your consultant. The full moon bath with crystals or herbs and by enlightens a candle where the moonlight scatters also possess magical ramifications of the full moon.

The crystals and stones were given by experts to their customers also get charged under the light of the full moon. When an individual uses these charged crystals, then they feel the difference in their imbalance life.

How full moon spells were discovered first?

However, full moon spells magic associated with both physical and mental (psychological) stage of individuals. Ancient time’s magicians gave name to this magic as Wicca or neopaganism by followers of different communities. It firstly started in western countries like in Europe, Africa, New Zealand, etc.

This spell were written in the Roman and Greek scribbles firstly. The lunar cycles of the full moon have a magical effect of its powerful energy on the water, stones, crystals, herbs, and fragrances, etc. The rituals with proper practices and chants consider being more effective under the shiny light of the new moon.

What are the specific types of moon spells?

Moreover, consultants use different types of moon spells for their clients’ problems. There are different types of spells that are executed under the milky roof of a full moon. A few of these shown as under-

Full moon love spells

The magical spells used to sort out the love problems and husband-wife matters. Specifically practiced for the love marriage problem solutions.

Full moon money spells

When someone faces a financial crisis, then these spells work efficiently to bring your lucky stars of money towards your fortune. You win a lottery or get success in money matters.

Spells for the full moon

These special spells practiced under the shiny light of full moon during each phase. The moon bath and spring water in goblets include common parts of this ritual. The practitioners use these spells to get solutions for different problems of their customers.

Spells for tonight’s full moon

The spells cast by the experts during the today’s night of new moon make one’s wishes true. These spells requires the proper practice of rituals continuously for three to four months.

Full moon magic spells

When an expert performs his magic during the lunar phases of the full moon with specific chants to make a person’s life easy and happy. The positive spirits of moon empower their magic and they have a pure state of mind and soul to make their client’s wish as reality.

Which is the most powerful phase of the full moon to cast magical spells?

As there seems a total eight of phases of the moon and four lunar phases consider as important to perform moon spells. Similarly, one out of four phases is the most important lunar phase to carry out the practice of spells. This calls as Waxing phase of the full moon. The new moon in the waxing phase comes with dynamic glory and bigger size. Therefore, this phase looks most powerful than other phases and the best stage to perform any type of magic.

The magical spells cast during this period always retain satisfactory results. The scribble magic and spells with candles consider as more common but effective to complete one’s desires. To get the desired results, experts choose the right place to cast this spells. The luminosity of the new moon comes for a long time there and covers the whole area. Likewise, the professionals have to keep one thing in their mind ever that full concentration and pure soul is much important before using any ritual of magic.

Why people prefer full moon spells rather than other kinds of magic?

There are different kinds of magic on this globe. Every country has its own customs, rituals with different chants. The writings of spell rituals now available in local languages too. Similarly, moon spells are now comes in several local languages.

 Moreover, full moon spells consider as the major part of Wicca and it does not use to harm others. There are different types of magic that can harm or kill an individual. Likewise, these spells only used to make a human’s life happy and stress-free, not to harm anyone. Therefore, the worship of the positive energy of the divine moon with pure soul and mind include as compulsory to get desired results. All in all, moon spells include the best remedy to solve mysterious human issues without harming anyone.

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