Break Up Spell

Why is there a need for such black magic spells?

It is very much heartbreaking to see your love of life with someone else. It is more than a pain for a particular time and a lesson forever. Therefore, this needs something to be done correctly. This is definitely for what you are here. Everybody requires help in this situation. 

Love is the strongest feeling. No emotion can be compared with an emotion of love. It creates bond in an unimaginable way. As an adage goes “love is the base of every relation in this world”.  The person with whom we want to be all the time but that is with someone else then that is the saddest thing. And, when it happens at a time and then we feel like there is nothing which we can do about it.  We are familiar with this feeling and gloomy emotion of heartbreak. Do not let yourself go hopeless. Instead change the mind of your partner with favorable possibilities. Perhaps, for that break up spell are here in the present view. 

What are break up spell?

The spells which are cast in others to cause a separation between two persons either married or unmarried, are break up spell. These  are the oldest ones and they have been used since old times. To attain whatsoever you want to have, these little secrets are advantageous enough. These spells are so powerful to break the bond of love between two people. The method of these spells work in removing existing love between couples. Therefore, breakup spells help to corrupt the connection the couples have along with their love plant. Moreover, simultaneously the love plant starts to get away and become distant. 

What materials are needed for a break up spell?

For a successful recipe of these spells some special items are required as ingredients. Following an appropriate process is also important if you’re a novel person to this magic spell chanting. Moreover, you can observe excellent results practically and immediately. Although break up spell are more complex than other chanting and magic spells. Ingredients like candles, paper, lemons, spices, vinegar etc play a prominent role in following these break up spell. These daily based objects may not seem like much, but when it is combined in the right manner they become highly powerful.

What are some authentic break up spell?

Break up chant using lemon

This is an old break up spell which includes several steps. First, one needs to write the names of two persons among which he or she wants to break up. Then, cutting the names apart is the second step. After that pouring a little vinegar on each piece of paper is the next step. Nextly, lemon is cut in half. Then comes the crucial part! With the names of the persons on papers facing each other. Join the papers together with black dog hair, black cat hair, and some pepper in between. Put this kind of paper sandwich in between the two halves of lemon. This process is meant to sour the relationship.

Using bottles

Bottles are the main element of this spell. Moreover, there is the requirement of nine nails, nine pins, and nine needles, and the hairs of the couple you desire to break up. For the first variation of this spell, take two pieces of paper. On each paper, write the name of one person nine times. Then wrapping of the paper with the names is done using corresponding hair from the person. Next, the papers are put inside a bottle, along with nine pins, nine needles, and nine nails. This spell is meant to create pain and prickly feelings among the couple.

Basic break up spell

If someone is not able to collect hairs and such a large collection of elements. Therefore,  this is the most suitable break up chant which is done. This needs just four ingredients and a bottle, to break up a couple. Placing some red and black pepper inside a bottle, to bring unfavorable fire into the relationship. Nextly, addition of soil is done to spoil the couple’s romance. At last acetic acid is poured into it to sour their feelings for each other. The trickiest part in this spell process  is placing the bottle over from the couple may step. If one can accomplish this, it is said that the results are shown within two weeks.


To recapitulate, as the basicity of break up spells is clear now. From the previous times spells and chants are a part of every culture. And, these rituals are followed for different motives. Therefore, the goal is always accurate. If something is inappropriate then that is the process of accomplishment. Apart from the legal and illegal terms if someone prefers to choose someone’s benefit then nothing is bad in following break up spell and full moon spells too. 

Good luck to all for adopting spells. May they attain their seeking results.


Updated: October 4, 2020 — 6:30 pm

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