Beauty Spells

Do you feel being beautiful is one of the biggest challenges?

If yes, then it is quite obvious to think in this contemporary world. As in this world where everyone is always concerned about their looks. 

Many people also desire to maintain their beauty and personality forever.  And, for this they sometimes wish for a sword of magic or some tricky shortcuts. 

This was the hypothetical thought in past times. Perhaps, now everything is possible to go for in any of the ways. 

Regarding this there are Beauty Spells which can help you to think about yourself from different  perspectives. Moreover, you will feel prettier and explore the power and confidence to win this world. And, attracting your love towards you will be more easy by following white magic spells like this.

What is the real definition of being beautiful?

Beauty and thoughts regarding it goes through various situations. It is quite difficult to recognize the real mechanisms of beauty. Sometimes it counts from the view of art, sometimes from fashion and sometimes from the appearance of creation. However, to measure it from one view then there is not any particular procedure. Therefore, as an adage goes,” beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Which satisfies the person’s thinking mechanism, meets the real virtues of inner self and pleases another person with a strong impression – overall this summation of values is termed as beauty.

As every creation in this nature of that divine power is beautiful in its own way. Therefore, either to enhance your beauty or to maintain yourself being beautiful- these spells for beauty come under white magic spells which could satisfy your curiosity.

What are beauty spells?

These spells are strong enough and easy to perform type of magical trick. It is helpful to enhance your beauty level and these spells sky high your inner confidence too. These spells are the words to perform simply using few elements with a proper guidance of process. An advantageous thing about this spell chant is that these do not cause any harm or side effect to anyone.

In other terms these magic spells are beneficial to groom your overall personality from inner and outer aspects.

What do these beauty spells do?

These chants are linked to beauty and are the most effective to uplift your appearance. It is all about positive vibes around you, self confidence and inner esteem.. And when you channelize your energy into positivity then you will see the effects of your presence amidst people.

Therefore, these magical spells are best for you to bring charm and attractive aura to yourself. 

What do you need before casting these spells?

Firstly, you should be surrounded with a harmonious ambience. Create a generous aroma of mild fragrances.  Assembling music can be an added boon to the procedure of spells chanting. Therefore, arranging appropriate atmospheric effects is the foremost step towards casting any of the magical spells.

The main aim for you should be to feel the positive energies and focus your attention for further.

What are the most common beauty spells?

Spell for boosting confidence

The principle of mirror is used in enhancing self-confidence about yourself. The elements required in this spell are mirror and blue candle. Moreover, the process is followed by sitting in front of the mirror with a lighted candle. And, then look into your eyes while repeating your first name 21 times. Once you finish this blow off the candle and feel that inner inspirational vibe within you. 

For maintenance of existed beauty

This magic spell needs snow peas and cherries in count of 7 each. Hold peas in the left hand and cherries in the right hand. Now consume these two one by one. Feel to keep your inner beauty and prevent it from fading away too.

Spells for radiant beauty

If you want to appear more radiant in your beauty then this spell is for you. Moreover, this spell requires four ingredients – rose oil, orange oil, orange candle and pink candle. The process needs to be followed on full moon day. And, you have to do this for exactly 9 days continuously. What you can do is light candles in front of the mirror and enjoy the aroma of oils while watching in your eyes continuously. Further, focus on your features and observe the changes in them with passing days. 

Inner beauty charm spell

It is commonly known that beauty is felt from within. Similar is the case here where you need rose quarts, water and sea salt. The procedure includes rubbing of rose quartz with sea salt. And, then drop this in glass filled with water and leave it overnight. After having a good sleep in the night, drink this water in the morning. Repeat this until you see the results. 


All in all, beauty spells are meant for becoming beautiful and to maintain beauty from within for a particular time too. Moreover, this spell chanting holds the intention of inner and outer shine of personality both. Here for you, the overall conceptual term is served concerning the importance and value of these real magic spells. It is the time to honor the beauty of your real personality. May these powerful spiritual spells make you feel unique and charming. 

Updated: October 4, 2020 — 6:30 pm

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