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Full moon picture Full Moon Spells
by Astrologer Rukzan
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Ways to save your life

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The art of cure comes from nature almighty, not from doctors. Therefore the humans should have faith in nature and start looking at things with an open mind.

Welcome to Full Moon Spells

The pinnacle of the new moon is a strong moment to take away energies introduced as circumstances or experiences that trouble us and hold us back.

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Couple with full moon love - Astrologer Rukzan

What is all about full moon love spells?

What is all about full moon love spells? Are you willing to attract someone towards yourself? Do you want to grab the attention of that particular person on whom you are keeping an eye? If yes, then it is the time to offer concern to this matter. Various spells and their casting methods are in…
Money picture - Astrologer Rukzan

How to change your life with full moon money spells?

What is all about full moon money spells? Full Moon day is the day that holds maximum magical time among all phases of the moon. No doubt is there regarding its effects on the human body, either mentally or physically.The full moon has superb power to manifest and create any spirit. However, a human being…
Wiccan protection spells

How to protect yourself with Wiccan Protection Spells?

What are wiccan protection spells? Wiccan is based upon ancient pagan practices. Many of the beliefs of Wiccan magic are related before Christian times. Indulgence of nature is important for casting Wiccan spells. The spellcasters who practice the Wiccan spells are often referred to as “witches.” This term has been considered from the old, scariest…
couple hands picture

How Breakup Spell Chant Works

What is the breakup spell chant? Break spell as the name suggests is the part of white magic. These spells mainly used for the separation of a couple. Likewise, break up spell chant considers as the prayer or sentences used as a chant while cast a breakup spell. These chants have powerful effects and energy…

Our Core Vision

We all experience harmful emotions in the face of illness,breakups and other more. When it happens, it will sound overwhelming and difficult to survive.We help you with the elements of this beautiful universe, to remove negativity from your mind and lighten lively body with pinnacle of the new moon.

“Every spell is a journey according to my vision.”
Astrologer Rukzan
Real Spell Caster - Astrologer Rukzan