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How to use new moon spells

New Moon Spells

New moon spell
New moon spell

New Moon Spells & their Uses:- According to spells, we don’t only have that one, have also some previous articles on Love Spells, their uses, Spells for getting work be done and various. So, besides that it is also an article about spells which is related to “Moon Spells & the solving of the issues”. If you want any information about the moon spells, and want to apply them in your life, then this article will be most useful for you. In this article we have mentioned several points and their uses regarding to people needs. Those points are-

  • New moon spells for Job
  • New moon spells for Money
  • New moon spells for Love
  • New moon spells for Prosperity

So, read this article and get all the information you want.

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  • New moon spells

First of all, know that what is new moon spells- So, new moon here refers to the time of new possibilities, to get success in new things in your life, like as I referred new jobs, new money, new assets, new love ect. It denotes that this is the perfect time to do it, a new moon time. It considers that whatever you want you can get it or try it by the new moon spells. And for that I will give you some of the over mentioned points.

  • New moon spells for Job

Like maximum of the spells, it also needs several preparations before casting it, that are-

  1. You should to be aware that what kind of job you really want to bring in your life.
  2. You have to be aware about maximum of the market research of the job current status, and is it or that post is really available on the market at that time or not.
  3. Must be updated all the time via media and surrounding.
  4. And at last you have to judge that if you are qualified for the job, is it for you & is it matches to your background, will you be happy with this job and ect ect like that.

Now, Step 1 – After getting all those and be ready, now, prepare a CV with your previous job experience and other all, include there all your qualities and potentialities, include all the relevant points for your needed job and ect bars like a total CV. Think that you are going to apply for the job. And now go the 2nd step.

2nd Step – Now, you should to collect some job lists or a perfect job list, perfect refers that kind what you actually need. You can get that from newspapers or from internet and now get a print out of that list and remember it and imagine the condition that you are already in that job with your preferred life style.

Now, the actual spell comes-

Materials: after having the above said two, now take these-

  • 5 white candles (If you want to use colors, the only green, yellow & orange is applicable).
  • Fast luck oil, you have to make. Follow the procedures on our blog.
  • Any pot which must be fire & heat resistance.
  • Ingredient to increase burning.

The procedure:

Anoint all the candles with the fast luck oil. You must to make it simultaneously one by one towards the top opposite you. Now imagine and try to visualize that a horse or whit pigeon bird is coming towards you to give you the news of your job success.

Then place the pot in the middle. And arrange the candles like that way-

One at the top of the pot.

One upper right.

One upper left.

One lower right.

One lower left.

Now all the things are in front of your face, light all of them. And facing towards that chant for three times-

The Sandalwood & the Bay

The Cinnamon & the Basil

Now I am done with the three

Please bring that job which I wish for me.

Now, take your CV and place it above the pot and chant for 9 times-

It’s is me

These all are my skills

Now I am shining like a star

Job of my dreams I will find you wherever you are.

Then let it be burned.

Now, take the list of your expected jobs again place it above the burning pot and do again a 9 time chant-

I am competent

I am bold

Job of my dreams

You are now drawn.

Job of my dreams comes this way!

With every footstep

With every breath I take.

Job of my dreams, you are now here!

Moon, you are my witness

I am holding you dear

Job of my dreams you are now mine!

Everyone to witness

That everyone will see

As I said that it will be.

Now, burn the papers. Let the candles burn completely. Be confident that you are done and the job will be yours. After the candles burned, divide the ashes into 3 parts and then scatter a part in the wind saying your own words for the job. And the second part in the running water, while scattering ask the same and say to earth to seal your spell and let you to get that dream job.

Note- Your used pot for the ritual should to be kept. It will be workable for the interview.

  • New Moon Spells for Money:

Yes, like the job moon spell, there is also moon spells of making money. Check it out-

For making money by sells you can do these followings-

  • You can sprinkle cinnamon on your money.
  • You must fold your notes at the half when handed to someone.
  • And after getting money from someone you must to keep it at three fold position.
  • You can sprinkle cinnamon & dried mint on your wallet or money bag.
  • You can place basil leaves in your purse or wallet.
  • And besides all of those you can do these-
  • You can drop a penny in a jar and chant:
  • “My life is full with abundance and all my needs are met.”

So friends by these above methods and rituals you can solve your problems by moon spells.