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Free Waxing Moon Love Spells

Free Waxing Moon Love Spells

free waxing moon spells
free waxing moon spells

So, to cast a love spell, first you have to make your full believe and faith in it, and remind that if you are wrong and going to do something negative or forcefully then you going to pay for it. So, do it with a bright and fresh way, if you have done nothing wrong. So, make your mind first, obviously you are/were right and then go for it. Otherwise any of the wrong effects, we will not be responsible.

Here are some specified spells, those you can apply-

Waxing Moon Spells for Love – Here I included some love spells, by which you can get your desire person/persona, can get your love back and to make a man love you, spell to dream about your future love, spell to make a person want to be your life partner. These are. So just have a look and get them all.

  • Spell to get the desire person/persona- Here you have to make a man who will only desire you. Here is the procedure-
  • You have to scribe the full name of that person and also yours, at the time when the moon will be getting full and obviously when the moon will be in the house of Scorpio.
  • Now, anoint the candle in your vaginal sections.
  • Light that candle.
  • Now chant it for 3 time and each time stronger than the previous one-

“Crimson Candle, lighten by fire,

Bewitch (Man or Women’s full name) with full desire.”

  • Now, lie down, and start visualize the man, is making live to you.
  • You have to continue it several days till the total candle burns out.
  • Be careful from the candle, careful for your vaginal sections, and be very sensitive that the home or clothes will not take the fire.

This spell may turns effect for your desired love.

  • Spell to make the pure path of love- Here to decide the deepest path of getting your love, you can try this.
  • Collect five roses.
  • You may travel a good or little bit distance from your house.
  • The more you will go, that wider you getting chances will be.
  • Now, drop one rose and chant-       “That will be my path of love,

I will get my true love here.”

Now, you have to continue it, dropping the last one at your door step.

Spell for Money on Thursday– By these spell you may recover it.

  • This spell will must be done at the time of full moon, and also the hour of Jupiter.
  • First take two candles of color green & white.
  • Here the green candle refers the money, and the white candle refers to you, so think as that.
  • Now, anoint the candles with oil.
  • Think that money will come to you and imagine the future condition.
  • Now, place them in a table with 8 inches of gap.
  • And now chant that is-      “Money pls come into my hands,

I need you really, I pray for U,

You are mu destine,

Bring me money three times three,

Money pls come in my hands.”

You have to start this from Thursday and have to continue it for 8 days. The day, Thursday, is always having a Jupiter time, so it will be better for the spell. Especially cause the Jupiter is associated with money. And it will be better to think of the source while doing the spell, but don’t even try to think of lottery or something unnecessary like this, this will never be happened.

  • Spell 2-
  • First take a pot, whatever of glass or steal.
  • Pure it more than half or half of water.
  • Then drop a silver coin into the pot.
  • Now, place it or face like such way, that the moon can face it and the silver ray of the moon can touch the pot.
  • Now try to gather the silver ray in your hands, like imagination.
  • Now, chant- “You lovely moon

Please bring me your wealth, right soon.

Give me the silver & gold, what you will give,

My purse will hold.”

Hope you will get solved your problems for more spells feel free concern with us.